Your doctor ordered a test and now you’re wondering, what’s next? It’s our priority to ensure your experience with us goes smoothly. See the information below to learn about the exceptional experience you can expect at our center.

Before You Arrive

Confirm your appointment date and time. If you need to reschedule your appointment, contact our center and someone will be glad to assist you.

Be sure to confirm the cost and payment method of your diagnostic imaging at the time of scheduling. We are happy to accept most insurance plans. Please call us for specific information on your insurance coverage.

Please remember to bring your health insurance card and photo ID to your appointment. Co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles are requested at the time of your service/visit.

Depending on your exam, you may need to avoid eating or drinking for several hours before you arrive for your appointment. Check to see if there are any special requirements for your specific exam on our imaging information page, or give us a quick call.

When You Arrive

Check-in at the front desk upon your arrival. All required forms will be given to you when checking in. To save time when arriving for your appointment, you can complete patient forms prior to your appointment at your convenience. We will also ask you to provide your health insurance card and a photo ID at check-in. Payment or insurance arrangements are also requested at the time of service.


Not sure how long your examination will take? We can provide an estimate ahead of time. Although times may vary based on particular imaging factors. The technologist performing your exam will fully explain the procedure, answer any additional questions that you may have, and communicate with you throughout the exam. Our teams are focused on patient-centered care and will go above and beyond to provide quality imaging and exceptional care.

Your Imaging Results

Following your exam, your images will be interpreted by a board-certified radiologist and shared directly with the doctor that referred you. They will then contact you to discuss the results of your examination. If you have any questions during your imaging process, do not hesitate to ask your technologist.


There is typically no additional follow-up from our center unless you have another appointment scheduled with us. If you wish to schedule another examination with us in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We would love the opportunity to serve you and provide your medical diagnostic imaging needs!